Help Keep The Mobile Clinic On The Road Saving Lives!


The Mobile Prenatal Clinic Needs YOU! Every $100 you give brings health and hope to 10 mothers and their babies.

Meet Noel Anise, a mother in rural Haiti. Noel walked each month to attend the Mobile Prenatal Clinic at Savein Halein (pictured behind her) where she received the education, screenings, lab tests, medications, vitamins and iron supplements needed to have a safe pregnancy and healthy baby.

How much is a mother's life worth? It cost $10 per visit to ensure safe motherhood for Noel. Between 500-800 women like her depend upon the Mobile Prenatal Clinic each month. We need your help!

The Mobile Prenatal Clinic supplies and medications are entirely donor funded. Our ability to deliver care to the women of rural Haiti depends upon the support we receive. We must raise $60,000 by May 15.

In Haiti, where more mothers and infants die than any other country in the Western Hemisphere, lives are saved every day because of your support. Last year, the mobile clinic provided 7,137 patient visits in 23 remote communities and 307 women were referred or transported for emergency care. Learn more.

Please help us reach more mothers in rural Haiti. Give now or start a fundraiser. Your support literally saves lives.

Thanks to Mother's At Risk, we can ensure the midwives are paid. But we need YOUR help in delivering the medication, rapid tests, and supplies needed to provide thousands of patient visits this year in rural Haiti.

Please give generously and help us raise $60,000 by May 15. Your support will keep the midwives on the road and saving lives.

Your tax-deductible donation goes directly to keep the midwives on the road and saving lives. Gifts of $50+ will receive a limited edition set of Midwives For Haiti notecards, including this image:

At $10 per visit, how many moms like Noel can you ensure survive pregnancy? How many children can you help ensure their moms survive childbirth?

Thank you for your support!

--Midwives For Haiti and the Mobile Clinic Team

(Photos: Cheryl Hanna-Trucott)